363951 - 11898Print button in adhoc reports does not print reportFix Released 10/14
363984 - 11938New Applicant link is redirecting to exit URLSolution: Either disable the timeout function in account designer, or set the time to >0 minutes
364286 - 11945
Navigating to a non-existent GIFTS Online site brings you to a login page
Please make sure your GIFTS Online URL is correct and does NOT contain
11852Attachments greater than 100 mb can not be downloadContact support for assistance with application retrieval 
364271 - 11997Reviewers are unable to download documents in IEPlease use Firefox or Chrome browser to download documents
364369 - 12060Duplicate organizations check does not work for org names longer than 39 characters or shorter than 3 
364441 - 12056Current password is missing label on igam sites that have custom label setsFix Released 10/14
364023 - 11918Write up View merge field doesn't populate when generated in a batchFix Released 10/14