To accomplish this, an interim page needs to be added to the menu, which will redirect the user to the page with the sensitive information.

Create the interim page
  1. Navigate to Create>New Page
  2. Enter a Page Name, select a Template, enter any other desired info
  3. Under Page URL, copy the page URL
  4. Click Next
    • Optional - Insert a Formatted Text and Image Part that mentions "If this page does not automatically redirect, click here 
      1. Click within a content pane
      2. Click Add Formatted Text & Images
      3. Enter your desired text
      4. Highlight Click Here
      5. Navigate to Insert>Link
      6. Search for and select the page with the sensitive content
      7. Click Insert
      8. Click Save
Create the redirect
  1. Navigate to Administration>URL Redirects
  2. Click New Redirect
  3. Under Redirect this page (original), Paste the copied URL
  4. Under To this page: (target), click the binoculars icon
  5. Search for and Select the desired page which will have the log in only content
  6. Click Save
Add or Edit the Menu