When working with charging credit cards in a batch in The Raiser's Edge, after transactions get processed some gifts come back with a rejection code meaning the card was declined. There is a setting within the validation options of a batch that can determine whether or not those gifts that were rejected appear on a constituent record or not after committing. 

Before processing, make sure that you can see Authorization Code (for approvals) and Rejection Code (for declines) in Batch:
  1. Open the batch
  2. Go to Tools > Edit batch set-up > Fields tab
  3. Move Authorization from the left list to the right list
  4. Move Rejection from the left list to the right list
  5. Optionally, use the up and down arrows on the right list to change the location of the Authorization and Rejection columns
  6. Click Data Entry to return to the batch

Then after charging credit cards in batch, review the settings in Batch on how to handle rejections:
  1. Open the batch that you have been working on 
  2. Go to Tools > Validate or select the Validate icon in the menu bar
  3. On the "Validate Gift Batch" window, towards the bottom you will see a section on checking credit card authorization codes
  4. To not commit gifts that have a rejection code, select the following:
    • Mark "Check credit card authorization codes on credit card gifts"
    • Under "If a credit card payment with a declined authorization code is found:" mark "Create an exception (do not commit the gift)"
    • Select Validate Now and the report will show you your exceptions
  5. Proceed to commit the batch. At the commit, be sure to select option to Validate the batch (to use settings in steps 2 through 4). Optionally, mark the option to Create an exception batch so the declines will move to a new batch so you can continue to work with them there.