Overdue plan step warning symbol remains for a secondary solicitor that has been end dated

When viewing the prospect and steps tab of  the My fundraiser page while logged in as the fundraiser who has been end dated, the fundraiser still sees the warning symbol appear but no steps are listed.
This is due to the fundraiser having steps or interactions still assigned to them even though they are no longer a fundraiser on the prospect record.

Create a query of the steps and interactions assigned to the fundraiser.  Once created you can assign the steps to another fundraiser or add an end date to the steps.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Constituents\Individuals and household\Add an individual
  2. Fill out the add an individual form that pops up and click save
  3. Within the individual's record click personal info tab, then click constituencies and add the fundraiser constituency
  4. On the left side of the screen under tasks click Edit link to user and link that user to an application user
  5. Go to the Prospects\ Prospect management
  6. Click Add a Major giving prospect
  7. Search for a constituent or add an individual
  8. Make a plan name, select a plan type, make the plan start date a previous date
  9. Under secondary solicitors search for your fundraiser and click save
  10. Go to the Prospects record under the prospects tab click the plans tab and select the plan
  11. Under the section called Completed steps, click add step 
  12. Type anything in the objective field, for stage, select cultivation, for expected date put in a date that is past 90 days, and for actual date put a date before today's date, and click save
  13. Navigate back to the My fundraiser page and you will notice a yellow triangle with an exclamation point on the Prospect and Plans tab
  14. Click the chevron next to the plan step under the Prospects and Plans, then click edit secondary solicitors
  15. Put an end date for the solicitor and click save
  16. You will notice the plan step gone however the warning symbol is still present on the Prospects and Plans tab



 Blackbaud CRM

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