After upgrading, only the first phone type data will have corresponding entry the old way (i.e. CONSTIT_ADDRESS and CONSTIT_ADDRESS_PHONES) in addition to the new way (link added between RECORDS and PHONES). Any additional data of the same phone type will only be linked the new way. 

For example, let’s look at the following set of phone numbers with two Home phone types:
phone list re 7.95

OLD WAY: Using the SQL query with joins to the address will only show you one of each type that is Active. Notice that the new phone “123-456-7890” does not appear in the results.
phone list sql old

NEW WAY: Using the SQL with the direct links from RECORDS to PHONES will display all entries. 
phone list sql new

So in summary, only the first active value for each phone type will be linked to the old address tables (CONSTIT_ADDRESS and CONSTIT_ADDRESS_PHONES). All others will be linked the new way as RECORDS to PHONES links only.

Note: The new phones will not be linked to any address on the record. However, the first phone number of any type is always linked to all addresses. So if there are two addresses, the data for the first active phone will have two rows in the CONSTIT_ADDRESS table. None of the additional phones will be linked to the address in any way.