This error message indicates that the URL of the DIY form you are attempting to Go Live with has an identical URL of another of your DIY Forms that is also live.

If you click Replace, the DIY form you are currently working with will Go Live and replace the original form with that same URL. The original form will be disabled so it is no longer live.

If you click Cancel, the form will not be taken live.

To review and update the URL of your page, follow these steps:

1. Open the DIY Form you are trying to Go Live with if you don't have it open currently
2. Click the Settings button in the upper left hand corner
3. Find the URL field under General Page Settings:
URL Field Under Settings

4. You can adjust the URL field here in order to make it slightly more unique. For example, instead of 'donation' you can use 'donation1'
5. Click Update to save any changes
6. Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner>click Yes, Save My Draft
7. Click the Go Live button in the upper right hand corner>click Yes, Go Live!>click Replace