While there is not a specific round up button available in Altru Daily Sales (you can add your vote to an idea here on the Altru Community), you can accomplish this by adding a donation button to your Daily Sales Page. 

To set up your donation button:
  1. Go to Tickets
  2. Under Initial Set Up, click Configure daily sales page
  3. Under User-configured daily sales buttons, click Add and select Donation from the drop down. 
  4. In the Add a donation sales button screen, select the Designation you'd like to apply the round up donation to. Typically this is an operating or annual fund designation. If you'd like to set up a new designation, see your related solution here: I need to add a new designation
  5. Under Default Amount, enter a Default Amount. Note: Your ticket sellers will change this amount later to make this a "round up" donation. 
  6. Under Button display options, choose how you'd like to display your button. Here is an example: Example of Round Up Donation Configuration
  7. Click Save
  8. Under User-configured daily sales buttons, click the Set button order icon if you'd like to re-order where the Round Up Donation button appears on your Sales page. 
To ring a Round Up Donation: 
  1. Ring the Order as usual in Daily Sales
  2. Before taking payment, your ticket seller will ask the patron if they'd like to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar to support your organization. 
  3. If the patron agrees, use the keypad in Daily Sales to enter the amount of the round up donation, then press the Round Up donation button you configured: Ringing a Round Up Donation 
  4. This will add the correct amount to the order to round up to an even amount: Example of Round Up Donation in Daily Sales
  5. The ticket seller will then complete the order as usual.