First, see if the General Ledger functionality was turned on in Altru during implementation - 
  1. From Financials, click General Ledger setup.
  2. If you encounter this message: "General ledger has been disabled. All transaction post statuses will be set to Do Not Post while General Ledger is disabled. To enable General Ledger, select enable/disable General Ledger configuration tasks", this means that the General Ledger was not turned on during implementation.  We strongly recommend that you do not enable the General Ledger yourself, as once you enable it and create any payments, you will not be able to disable the General Ledger.  In addition, there is significant account structure setup required to configure the General Ledger successfully.
  3. Please reach out to your Account Executive to discuss working with a consultant to set up the General Ledger within your system or determine best practice reconciliation processes for your organization.
If the General Ledger has been turned on in your system, you will see a list of configuration items when you click General Ledger setup. To learn more about making changes to the General Ledger, please see our user guides: