The standard donation form does not display the correct designation when editing a donation from the payment page

A designation search is performed and the search results offer a link to a donation page for each designation. Clicking on a link will take you to the donation page with the respective designation selected. Complete the donation page and submit it to a payment page. The payment page has a cart to edit your donations. Select the donation to edit and notice the designation is now set to the default designation set in the donation part and not the designation that was searched for/edited.
Download and install the latest Service Pack which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a page with a standard donation form part.
2. Add a few designations to the donation form, any designations will do, and set one of them as the default designation.
3. Add a few giving levels, any denominations will do.
4. For the Payment setup on the part, select "Use payment part" and set it to the Basic Payment Page.
5. Everything else can be left as default on the part.
6. Save the part.
7. Create a page with a designation search part and set it to any designation query. It doesn't matter if the designations in the query were used in the donation form part setup or not.
8. Under Designation filters, take the path filter and place it under the "Unique search fields for each filter" area.
9. Under Designation summaries, on the Formatting tab, add a link under the Designation Fields View.Purpose Description merge field to the donation page created in step 1.
10. Save the part.
11. View the designation search page and do a search for a designation that is available in the designation query used in the designation search part.
12. Click on the link to go to the donation page for any designation that is not the default designation set up in the donation form part.
13. On the donation page, choose any amount to donate and notice the donation form has the correct designation listed.
14. Click continue.
15. On the payment page, click on the name of the designation in the cart to go back to the donation form.
16. Notice the donation form no longer shows the correct designation, but resets to the default designation set in the donation form part.


 Blackbaud Internet Solutions
 4.0, (Service Pack 13)

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