1. Check to make sure that the email address is spelled correctly.
    1. Click the green chevron to the left of the name of the person you invited
    2. Click Edit
    3. Make sure the address is valid and make any needed corrections
    4. Click "Resend Invite"
  2. Check with your IT group to insure that messages are being allowed in through your organization's Spam Filter
    1. To get a sample of the invite, invite a new user to a free account such as Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, etc.
    2. Send a copy of this sample to your IT group for review so that appropriate changes can be made to your organization's spam filter
The email is sent from ResearchPoint noreply@blackbaud.com

Your IT team may want the entire email for their purposes, so it is recommended that you invite a user to a free account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail so the message can be forwarded to them for review.