How to populate fields on a Payment 2.0 form

Sometimes, it may be helpful to automatically fill out fields on a Payment 2.0 part, after the visitor finishes using an Advanced Donation Form. This can be achieved with JavaScript.
On the Advanced Donation Form, add an 'onclick' event to the submit button that copies the data out of the fields and stores it in session.

Then, on the payment page, pull the data from the session and populate the Payment 2.0 fields with it. Don't forget to clear out the session after the user clicks submit on the payment page.

Steps to Duplicate

1) The Advanced Donation Form is set to "Use Payment Part"
2) Donor fills out an Advanced Donation Form, including name, address, etc
3) Donor navigates to the Payment 2.0 part
4) JavaScript populates certain fields on the Payment 2.0 part, such as the name/address that the donor already entered.


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