Build the Smart Field:
  1. From the Administration Tab > Click Smart Fields
  2. Click Add > Select Constituent Revenue Application Counts > Click Okay
  3. Name the smart field > Navigate to the parameters tab
  4. Change Value to return to Consecutive Giving Years
  5. Under Revenue types:
    1. Mark the Box for membership
  6. Under Transaction type/Application:
    1. Mark the Membership Box under Order
    2. Mark the Membership Box under Payments
  7. Save > Process the smart field
Build your Query to see the consecutive years as a member:
  1. From the Analysis tab > Select information library
  2. Click Add an Ad-hoc query > Select the Constituent source view > Click Okay
  3. From the left hand side, expand the Smart Fields folder
  4. Click the Name of the smart field we created above
  5. From the middle field drag value into Include records where > Set this to "Not blank"
  6. From the middle field drag value into Results fields to display
  7. Click the Preview results tab to see your results
  8. From the Set Save options tab, name your query
  9. Click Save or Save and Close.