You can adjust your batch settings to automatically mark gifts as "acknowledged" en masse for each batch as you commit the batch from your RELO to your Raiser's Edge. Please note you'll need to perform these steps for each batch.

In Raiser's Edge:

  1. Go to Batch
  2. Select a gift batch to use as a template
  3. Go to Tools > Edit Batch Setup . . .
  4. Go to the Fields tab
  5. Double-check the Acknowledged field is listed under Data Entry Fields, If it's not, you'll want to add it from the left column
  6. Click Save
  7. Go to the Defaults tab, on the Acknowledge field select the status “Acknowledged”
  8. Save and Close 

In the RELO Plugin:

  1. Go to Gifts & Registrations
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click ‘Create a new batch and use existing batch for default fields 
  4. Select your 'template' batch
  5. Click OK
Note: You may need to look up the exact batch number from above to select the template that was created with Acknowledged marked as the default selection if you're not sure which batch to choose