The e-mail, by default, does not include this link. However, you can access the template to edit this to include that link. 

To access the e-mail:

1. From GO dashboard go to Launch > Applications > Forms Manager
2. In the upper right, click Settings > Account Designer
3. Under Settings menu, click EMail
4. On the left, select Save and Finish Later Confirmation. 
5. The middle of the page shows your editable template. You can include further instructions. Most importantly, you can include the login to your Grantee Login page. (#### = your client Site ID for IGAM)

This can be retrieved by navigating from the Forms Manager:

1. Click Settings > View my Account URL
2. Your grantee login URL will appear here. All of your grantees can log in here to access in progress applications, requirements published to them, and stage 2 applications published to them. 
3. Click Copy to Clipboard, and then CTRL + C on your keyboard to copy the address. 
4. You can then paste this into your E-Mail template in the account designer.