This error is a generic Oracle error which can indicate any one of numerous issues, but none of which generally replicate. Usually if you run charge processing again it will complete successfully. If the error occurs repeatedly, contact TA Support for further investigation.

It is also likely that some charges successfully went through during this Charge Processing run, but did not create a batch item for them in TA. This means that they were charged at Sage, but there is no equivalent payment in TA.  Also, the Bank Approval Status on the pledges would be left PE for Pending, so they will not be charged again until this is corrected. Contact TA support to check for such potential records and correct the bank approval status.

If there are such records, you will need to check the Sage side to confirm if the payment went through and if so, there will be two options:
  1. Have TA support reset the Bank_Approval_Status on this pledge, then the user can manually post a PP to cover the charge, leaving it to charge normally next month.
  2. The client can manually refund the charge on the Sage side, then TA Support can reset the Bank_Approval_Status and Date_Last_Pulled so that Charge Processing will pull the charge again and things will proceed normally.