Some of the content in your TeamRaiser events can be modified in a Reusable PageBuilder page. These are referenced in the Page Wrapper for the TeamRaiser event. You will want to review the name/content of the Reusable page to make sure you find the correct PageBuilder for the content you want to update. To find the Page Wrapper and Reusable PageBuilder:

Identify the Page Wrapper
  1. Select Fundraising > Select TeamRaiser
  2. Click Edit for the desired TeamRaiser Event
  3. Select Customize Pages
  4. Under Related Actions select  "Customize Wrapper and Styles"
  5. "1. Page Wrapper" will show the Page Wrapper being used. If the "Use the default Page Wrapper" is selected. Temporarily click "Override the Default Page Wrapper" to find out what the Default is.
Find the Reusable PageBuilder in the Page Wrapper
  1. Disable the WYSIWYG editor
  2. Select Setup > select Page Wrapper Editor and search the desired Page Wrapper.
  3. Click Manage Versions
  4. Click Copy beside the Active version of the Page Wrapper
  5. Click Edit on the wrapper that has been copied
  6. Jump to step 4 "HTML Body"
  7. Search for "reus_"
Update the content for the Reusable PageBuilder page. It is recommended to Copy the existing Active version of the page and then Publish the new version once you have completed and confirmed the content rather than editing the Active version. Note:  The changes you make will not go live on the TeamRaiser page until you have Published the new version of the Reusable PageBuilder page.