The Annual Statement Report can be run to see the Receipt Amount for gift records.  If a gift has a Split for the Campaign/Fund/Appeal, the receipt amount is calculated for each Campaign/Fund/Appeal based on the percentage or amounts entered on the Split Gift tab and the Receipt Amount on the Gifts tab. 

For example
Angela Diresta donated $150 gift that is Split between two Funds: 
$100 to the Garden Fund and $50 to the Acquisition Fund. The total Receipt amount on this Gift record is $100.
Angela Diresta Split Gift

When running the Annual Statement Report, users will see the receipt amount split for each fund, based on the same ratio as the Split Gifts tab:
Annual Statement Report
The Garden Fund's split is approximately 66% of the total Gift Amount
  • Since the split was for $100 to the Garden fund, divide this split amount by the total gift of $150. This percentage is the same percentage that is now applied to the Receipt Amount for the Garden Fund on the report
  • 66.67% of $100 is $66.67 for the receipt amount

The Acquisition Fund's split is approximately 33% of the total Gift Amount
  • The Acquisition Fund's split was $50 - divide this $50 by the total gift of $150. The results is approximately 33.33%
  • Just like the Garden Fund, we will use this 33% of the total receipt amount, $100, to calculate the Receipt Amount for the report of $33.33.

The Total Receipt Amount should match the Receipt amount listed on the Gift record. If this Total Receipt Amount is incorrect, confirm that no funds listed on the split gifts are filtered out of the report.