Each everydayhero participant has a unique Page ID. This is stored in eTapestry in a couple places, but is easiest to find under the Participation journal entry on the hero's constituent account. This page ID is how eTapestry links donations with the right hero. When an everydayhero donation is added manually in eTapestry, it doesn't have this EDH Page ID filled out, which is why in your reports it will show as "Offline." If you know the page ID for the hero you want the donation to soft credit, you can edit their donation to include the page ID.

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How to manually credit an everydayhero participant:
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Navigate to the hero's constituent account
  3. Click the Journal page
  4. Click the Participation entry for the fundraiser and page you want the donation to count towards
  5. In the user defined fields, copy the EDH Page ID
  6. Navigate to the donor's constituent account
  7. Click the Journal page
  8. If you've already added the gift, click on it to edit it. If not, add the gift and make sure to select the matching Fundraiser under the Basic Information section
  9. Click the User Defined Fields tab on the right hand side
  10. In the EDH Page ID, paste the code that you copied from the hero's Participation entry
  11. Click the Tribute, Soft Credit, Matching Gift Relationships tab on the right hand side
  12. Under Soft Credit Information, ensure you have added the hero's constituent account and amount to soft credit. If you have not, do so now.
  13. Click Save and

You should now see that offline donation credited toward that particular hero in your eTapestry Fundraising reports.

Important Note: If you manually create any EDH Fundraising donation or soft credit, those transactions will not appear in EDH.