The rating is calculated by adding the following public records:
  • Real Estate (based on name and address)
  • Private company information (based on reported ownership percentage)
  • High confidence public company insider holdings
  • High confidence public company insider options
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It is possible for an account to have No Rating if it has not been run through the service or if there are no matches to public records where there is a high confidence of ownership of an asset. Here are a few common reasons why an account may not get a rating:
  1. The address is not correct or up to date.
    • For best matching results, we suggest scheduling a Wealth Rating run after an Address Finder run. If these services are scheduled to run on the same day, Address Finder will run first so that Wealth Rating has more accurate information.
  2. The name does not match public records.
    • When the service is run, name and address are sent to Target Analytics for processing. For Individual name formats, we send "First + Middle + Last + Suffix" and for Family, Business, or no name formats, we send "Account Name." If the name is inaccurate or incomplete (particularly for Individual accounts) this could cause no rating to be found.
  3. Wealth Rating does not take into account households.
    • Example 1: If the constituent account name is "The Smith Family" or "Jane and John Smith" it will likely not match public records.
    • Example 2: If the constituent account is under "John Smith" and the address is for the home he shares with his wife, "Jane Smith." However, if only Jane's name is on the title to the home it will not count toward John's Wealth Rating.
  4. Wealth Rating will only import matches if they are high confidence.
    • Target Analytics has a 1-5 scoring system for confidence levels on matches they encounter. Only confidence levels of 4 & 5 will be imported through the integration. Therefore, it is possible that wealth was found but because confidence was low it was not imported. You cannot customize the confidence levels that are imported.