1. In Mail, create a new Quick Letter
2. On the General tab, click 'Include...' and select the Query that was to be used in Phonathon Forms
3. Make sure that 'Mail only to Constituents marked Head of Household' is selected
4. Make sure that the 'Create Output Query' checkbox is checked
5. Click 'Send to Word Merge Wizard'
6. Name the new Quick Letter and click Save
7. Click Next on the Word Mail Merge Wizard
8. Name the new Query and click Save
9. On the prompt that says 'What type of Mail Merge do you want to run?' click Cancel
10. Save and Close the Quick letter
11. Open the Phonathon Form
12. On the General tab, click 'Include...' and include the new Query that was created in Quick Letters
13. Run the Phonathon form as you normally would