How to run a report on donors who gave a specific donation amount within radius of a specified ZipCode?

In Sphere you can find records within close distance of a specified Zip Codes. You can also apply additional filters such as donors with specific donation range, etc.
1. Control > Query > Select All Contacts Query
2. Expand Contacts > Financial > Financial Highlights >
3. Click Total Gift Amount > Click Add
4. On the pop-up window, select >= and type the amount > Click Ok
5. Expand Contacts > Profile > Profile Highlights
6. Click ZIP/Postal Code > Click Add
7. On the pop-up window, click the second Profile Highlights: ZIP/Postal Code button
8. Type the miles and then type the Zip Code > Click Ok
9. Click Next > Select all the fields you want to output
10. Click Finish to run the query


 Blackbaud Sphere

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