Error: You must enter a type for the revenue note when committing an Enhanced Revenue Batch

Error: You must enter a type for the revenue note is seen when trying to commit an Enhanced revenue batch
1. In Batch Entry page/Committed batches, find the batch that was just committed
2. Click the chevrons next to the batch number to open up the batch details
3. Click the hyperlink next to the words Import Process
4. Under Tasks on the Import process page click on Edit process
5. Click map fields, making sure to map the following:
      Notes > Notes
      Note Title> Notes
      Note Author > leave blank
      Note type > Notes
      Notes > Notes
      Notes > Notes
6. Click Save
7. Re run the Import process and review the batch that is created and note the error is now resolved

Steps to Duplicate

1. In CRM click on the Revenue tab, then click Batch Entry
2. Create an Enhanced Revenue batch batch by clicking Add, then select the Enhanced Revenue batch template in the batch template drop down, update the project number and the amount as needed then click save 
3. In the batch that opens, fill in all of the needed information for the revenue records and when finished click save and close
4. On the Batch Entry screen, find the batch that was just created in step 3, click on the chevron to left of the batch number and click edit
5. On the main tab on the top left of the batch, in the Configuration area click Customize fields
6. In the available field options that show on the left of the Customize fields for batch windows expand Revenue attributes, scroll down and click on Notes. Move the Notes field over to the Selected fields area on the right by clicking on the right facing arrow, then click save
7. On the Batch entry page, click the chevron next to the batch you just made the change to in the previous step and click Commit. 
8. In Batch Entry find the batch, click the green chevrons and click commit
9. After the commit finishes go to the Batch entry page/Committed batches tab, find the batch that just committed and click the chevron next to the batch number and click Open Batch to view the batch. Note the error: "Enter the type for the revenue note"


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