​This error is caused by an incorrect configuration in the Phone types table, either within The Raiser's Edge or within the NetCommunity website.
  1. Check the configuration of the Email Phone Type within The Raiser's Edge
    1. Log into Raiser's Edge as a supervisor
    2. Select Config and select Tables, then Phone Types
    3. Double-click Email
    4. Confirm the Phone number type is set to Email Address and click Ok
  2. Check the Phone Type Mapping within The NetCommunity website
    1. Log in to the NetCommunity website
    2. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
    3. Scroll to Phone Type Mapping
    4. For Email, confirm there is a value selected in the dropdown
    5. If a change is made, click Save
Note: Making these changes typically doesn't retroactively resolve the error in the plugin. It should apply to new transactions in the plugin.
If the behavior is persistent for existing transactions, you may need to:​
  1. Manually create the Constituent in The Raiser's Edge under Records>Constituent>Add an Individual
  2. Link the transaction in the plugin to the existing Constituent, rejecting profile updates
  3. Process the transaction