Which ON roles are synched when I set Connect RE settings?
Connect RE/Raiser's Edge roles"ON" roles
Current Students Student
Incoming Student
Past Students Past Student
Alumni Alumni
Current Parents Parent
Parent of Incoming Student
Parents of Past Students Parent of Past Student
Parents of Alumni Parent of Alumni
Current Grandparents Grandparent
Grandparent of Incoming Student
Grandparents of Past Students Grandparent of Past Student
Grandparents of Alumni Grandparent of Alumni
Employees Teacher
Non Teaching Staff
Past Teacher
Past Non Teaching Staff Past Coach
Past Advisor
Dorm Supervisor
Past Dorm Supervisor Activity Leader
Past Activity Leader Educational Consultant Pending Teacher
Pending Coach
Pending Non Teaching Staff Pending Advisor
Pending Dorm Supervisor Pending Activity Leader
 NOTE: Guardians from Core with parental access will sync to Connect RE