Preventing data from syncing or only including select records in the integration is not currently supported in the RELO integration. During implementation, records are equalized between the two programs. After the integration is established, all new constituents from Luminate Online Marketing or constituents who are updated in Luminate Online will flow to The Raiser’s Edge to be processed via the Luminate Online Marketing Plug in. Records in The Raiser’s Edge that are “touched” – i.e., updated via fields that integrate – will then flow to Luminate Online Marketing directly. Unlike on The Raiser’s Edge side, where we have a plug in to process those updates, The Raiser’s Edge updates will automatically be applied to the records in Luminate Online Marketing without any manual intervention.

Workarounds to prevent data from syncing or creating new records via the integration is not supported and could create errors, mis-linking, or significant performance issues in the integration. Please visit the Blackbaud Community or our Ideas Community to share suggestions or best practices in our software.