Your application form checks against a copy of the IRS Business Master File which we receive on a monthly basis. If your applicant has just received tax-exempt status, they may not be on our version of the IRS Business Master File at the time your applicant is trying to submit their application.

You can, at that time, take one of 2 courses of action. 

1. You can have your applicant try applying at a later date, when we will then likely have a copy of the IRS Business Master File with your applicant's Tax ID number in it.

2. You can save a copy of your application form and set that copy to not verify Tax ID numbers. You may wish to not publicly post this version of your application form as it would allow non-501c3 organizations to apply. 

To save your copy and apply the above setting:

From GIFTS Dashboard:

1. Launch > Applications > Forms Manager
2. Right click on your application form > Save a copy > Name your copy > OK
3. Navigate to Inactive Application Forms
4. Click on your new copy, and then select the Actions ribbon menu in the upper right > Edit Properties
5. If it is checked, uncheck "Require  Tax ID to be on file in the IRS database" 
6. Click OK/Save
7. Activate your form
8. You may now elect to just copy the URL and e-mail that URL to the applicant you wish to allow to apply