Perform the following until the role is added:

If specific users are missing
Check the query associated with the role
  1. In NetCommunity, navigate to Users & Security>Roles
  2. Locate the Role in question and click the Pencil icon next to it
  3. Under Base Role membership on a Query, note the query
  4. Check the query in the Raiser's Edge or Education Edge to ensure the expected user is returned in the result of the query
    • If the user is not in the results of the query, add them to the query then continue with the below steps
  5. After you ensure the user is added to the query, edit the role again in NetCommunity, following steps 1-2 above
  6. Click the Refresh Now button towards the right side of the page
  7. After the role is refreshed, select the Members tab to verify the associated user is listed
    • If the user is not listed in the Members tab, continue with the steps below
  8. Navigate back to the Properties tab of the Role
  9. Make note of the query, then click the X to remove it
  10. Click the binoculars to search for the query
  11. Click Select next to the query
  12. Click Refresh Now
(If Using an RE query) Confirm the user is added to NetCommunity and is linked to The Raiser's Edge
  1. Navigate to Users & Security>Users
  2. Search for the user in question, marking the deleted box to double check
    • If they are found, continue with the steps below
    • If they are not found, request the user sign up on the NetCommunity site or add them through the New User Registration Page
  3. After finding the user, confirm if the Raiser's Edge linked icon displays next to their name.

If many users are missing but not specific examples:
Check for Duplicates
If the Members column shows 0
  1. From Users & Security>Users, click the pencil icon next to the role
  2.  Under "Base Role membership on a query:", confirm a query is selected. If (none) displays, continue below
  3. Click the binoculars icon
  4. Search for the query
  5. Click Select next to the query
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Refresh Now
  • If you receive an error stating the query has been deleted, you will need to link to the updated query. It is possible the original query was deleted in RE or EE and was replaced by a new one with the same name.