When Advisors are receiving emails for an Advisory, this is typically because they are assigned as an Advisor to a term in the year. If that term is not in session and/or the Advisor is not the head Advisor, this may seem as if the Advisor is not assigned to the advisory unless you are viewing the Advisors assigned to a specific term. To check this, navigate to:
  1.  Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules
  2. Click the drop down that says Academics and change it to Advisory
  3. Select Advisory Sections
  4. From the year drop down, select the School Year (such as 2017-2018)
  5. From the Level drop down, select the School Level the Advisor is receiving emails for (such as Upper School)
  6. From the Terms drop down, select the first term of the school year
  7. Click View 
  8. Scroll down to the Advisory the Advisor is receiving emails for and click Edit 
  9. Check to see if the Advisor receiving emails is in this group.  Cycle through the remaining terms to check for the Advisor's name to be listed.