Assign Seats in Events does not sort by name

After you configure seating layouts for an event, you can assign registrants to seats by clicking on "Assign seats" in the Tasks area. Sorting constituents by Name does not sort as expected if the registrant belongs to a registration with a Host. The list is sorted alphabetically grouped by the Host's last name.
The 'Assigning Seating Wizard' will sort the host alphabetically and group the guest under the host.  This is to allow the user an easy option to see who the guest are and seat them with the host.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Add 15-20 registrants to a new or existing event using single entries as well as adding multiple registrants under once constituent to create a few host registrations.
2. If this is a new event click on "Configure seating layout" under Tasks and setup a seating layout. (Sections, Tables, and Seats will work fine) and save.
3. Click on "Assign seats" under Tasks
4. Click on the "Name" header and note that Constituents stay grouped by their Host's name and do not completely sort by last name.


 Blackbaud CRM

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