In the November 2016 release of Connect RE changes were implemented that affect how Business/College data from the "ON" products sync to the Raiser's Edge. Previously, Connect Raiser's Edge created a new address type called "Business/College" in Raiser’s Edge for Business/College data from "ON". When a new Business/College address was added to a Core record and downloaded and processed via Connect Raiser's Edge, a new business relationship was created in Raiser's Edge. The integration did not update the Primary business relationship record in RE.

The release to Connect Raiser's Edge includes changes to how the Business/College data is handled. Connect Raiser’s Edge now uses the Business/College address and Currently Employed (Yes) from "ON" to update the Primary business record in Raiser's Edge. In the "ON" database, you must use the Contact Card to indicate when constituents are currently employed (or self employed). The Currently Employed check box in the "ON" business relationship will be mapped to the Primary business information check box in Raiser's Edge. Any updates to the Business/College address in "ON" will appear on the Primary business record of the matching constituent record in Raiser's Edge.

When Connect RE launches users can select YES/NO/I'M NOT SURE to determine what options are available for processing with the new business changes in the integration:

Selecting YES to the message allows users to implement the above changes to the integration and how Business/College data is handled. The option to 'Use new way of syncing from now on' is highlighted and users can proceed to Connect RE. Once YES is selected users will not have the option to go back to the old way of syncing.

Selecting NO or I'M NOT SURE to the message will only allow users to choose to 'Use old way of syncing for now'. Users will proceed to Connect RE without applying the changes in the Connect RE release. Users will be prompted with this message each time they launch the integration until they select YES. This option enables users time to address any clean-up or data refreshes in the "ON" products before implementing the release changes.