To add the Trustee role:

  1. Navigate to Core > Users > Edit User Profile Data
  2. Search for and select the user you want to add/remove the Trustee role to/from
  3. Select Role Membership within the System Information region at the bottom of the screen
System Information
  1. Click Edit in the upper right corner
  2. Select the Trustee radio button
Trustee radio button
  1. Click Save & Exit

To remove the Trustee role and change it to Past Trustee:

Follow all the steps above, except in Step 5, select the Past Trustee radio button

To completely remove the Trustee or Past Trustee role associated with a user:

  1. Navigate to Core > Security > Roles.
  2. Select the Trustee/Past Trustee role at the bottom of the screen
Manage Roles
  1. From the channel on the left, click the Members link
  2. Click Remove next to the member's name
Manage roles Remove
  1. Click OK to confirm change