Changing student status in Registrar's Office does not update status in Admissions Office

When updating a student's status in Admissions Office, the status change may not update on their student record in Registrar's Office.  This occurs when applicant records are not brought over to Registrar's Office through the Enroll Applications wizard and are instead manually created in Registrar's Office.  
Option 1:

1. Enroll the application again from Admissions Office to Registrar's Office using the Enroll Applications wizard. 
2. The pre-processing report will say that "This student is a duplicate." Afterwards, click Run Now. 
3. Switch over to Registrar's Office, where there will now be two records for the applicant.
4. Merge the duplicate records, making the primary record the record that was brought over to Registrar's Office using Enroll Applications.
5. The applicant record in Admissions Office will now be "linked" to the Registrar Office record that was created through the Enroll Applications wizard.

Option 2: 

1. Globally change students' statuses by filtering on specific students or using a query.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Create an applicant record for a prospective student in Admissions Office.
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2. Go to Registrar's Office.
3. Click on Records, then Students.
4. Select Add a New Student. 
5. Update the record with the same information that's on the prospective student's record in Admissions Office.
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6. Save and Close.
7. Notice in the top toolbar of the record we do not have the option to flip to the Student's applicant record in Admissions Office. 
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