How do I find all donors to a specific Team?

While running a Personal Fundraiser, you may need to find all donors to a specific team.  Whether it is just to see how many donors a team has, if you'd like to see additional data about those particular donors, or if you'd just like to send a communication to only donors of that team, you can easily find all donors to a certain team through our Participation Summary standard report and then create a custom account query out of that list so that it can be used for other purposes.
1. Click Reports
2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
3. Click Participation Summary
4. For Category choose Base and Query choose All Accounts
5. Choose your Fundraiser from the Fundraiser drop down box
6. Click Submit
7. Click on the team name that you want (this will take you into a list of the team with participants)
9. Click on the team name again in this list (this will take you into a list of the donors to that team)
11. Scroll down and find the Custom Query option in the bottom right corner
12. For 'Create a Custom Query in' choose the Category you want to store this query in
13. For Custom Query Name enter All Donors to ___ Team
14. Click Create

You can now find this list of donors anytime by going into the Queries area, clicking on the category you chose to store it in, and clicking Preview beneath the name of the query.



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