1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Search for and click on the donor's name
  4. Click Journal
  5. Click Add
  6. Click Gift/Pledge
  7. Fill in the date of the transaction in the Journal Entry Date field
  8. We'll leave the Received field blank, this field will populate when we enter the number of shares and the price per share
  9. Select the Fund from the drop down menu
  10. Click the Gift Types heading on the right side of the page
  11. Select Stock from the Gift Types drop down menu
  12. Fill in the name of the company, number of shares, and price per share
  13. We can also complete the fields for Ticker, Sale Date, Sale Price Per Share, Broker Name, and Broker Fee, but these fields are not required
  14. Click Save and Go to Journal
If you click on the entry from the Journal page, you'll notice that the Received amount on the entry automatically populates with the value of the Price Per Share X Number of Shares.