Solicit codes being deleted from constituent record instead of end-dated

Usually when a constituent unchecks an entry tied to a solicit code on a Blackbaud Internet Solutions Communication Preferences Form, the solicit code would be tagged with an end date. In a few instances, we noted the solicit code is removed from the constituent record instead of being end-dated.

This occurs only when the Start Date is the same date as the End Date.  (i.e., if you opt out of the email on the same day as the code is added to your record)  The system assumes the solicit code was added incorrectly and removes it from the record if the Start Date and End Date match.  

This issue originally surfaced when an Add Solicit Code global change was run and immediately followed up by an email message that resulted in opt outs.  To avoid removal of the solicit codes when the opt-out occurs in this scenario, ensure that the global change adds the solicit code with a start date prior to the date the mailing will be sent.  For example, if you will send an email on November 15th, run the Add Solicit Code global change to set the Start Date of the solicit code to November 14th.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Setup or use an existing BBIS Communication Preferences Form that uses Solicit Codes.
2. Login to BBIS as a user and navigate to the site's Communication Preferences Page (Alternatively you may send an email with a link to the Communication Preferences page)
3. Select a solicit code(s) and click the Submit button.
4. Open CRM and navigate to the constituent profile that is linked to your BBIS account.
5. Click on the Communications tab > Preferences tab > and note the Solicit Code(s) are now on  the constituent profile.
6. Open the Communication Preferences form again and now uncheck the Solicit Codes then click the Submit button.
7. Navigate back to the constituent profile and refresh the Solicit Codes. Note that they are now gone.


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