When on the launch page of your existing report under the Export As section choose the Personas Reported as All. If you also want the Personas in a particular order, you can choose a hierarchy as well.

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The report will list the accounts with their Persona types in separate lines. For example, if an account has two Personas they will each be listed on their own row in the report.

If you haven't built a report yet, follow these steps for a basic report which includes address information.
  1. Click Reports > Manage Reports
  2. Select a category that you want to store this report in 
  3. Select New Report under the Task Menu
  4. Name the report
  5. In the Group By drop down menu, select your preference for grouping
  6. Select Commonly Used Fields from the Browse Fields drop down menu and click on Account Name, Address Lines, City, State, Postal Code, Email Address, and any additional fields you'd like to include 
  7. Select Account Fields from the Browse Fields drop down and click on Persona Type (this will be useful when you export all personas so you can tell them apart)
  8. Click Save and Run under the Task Menu
  9. Under Query select your category in the top box and your query in the bottom box
  10. In the Export As section, below the Personas Reported heading, select the radio button that says All
  11. At the bottom of the page select a Delivery Option and then click Submit