Completing the billing setup process is multi-process task that requires sometime to setup. The following  list will guide you through the most common items to setup and complete billing. 
NOTE: This list may not be all inclusive for the billing process with your organization. Please, check with your organization or search knowledge base for specifics that may not be included on this list.
  1. How to add or modify a fiscal year 
  2. How to add billing cycles in Student Billing 7 
  3. How to copy over Products and Billing Items from one year to the next 
  4. How to copy bill codes in Student Billing 7 
  5. How to promote students in Student Billing 
  6. How to Generate Transactions Automatically 
  7. How to create and print a Statement 
  8. How to publish Student Billing statements to NetClassroom or remove them
For more information on Student Billing Best practices, please review the Student Billing Best practices guide