RE7Outlook Run-time error when adding Outlook event as an action

When adding an Outlook event as an Action for The Raiser's Edge, the integration between Outlook and The Raiser's Edge fails with the error message RE7Outlook Run-time error '-1110179569 (bdd4010f)': The operation failed.
If you encounter this issue in the latest version and patch of Raiser's Edge please contact support and reference this article.
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open Microsft Outlook 2010
  2. File > Options > Add-ins
  3. If the Blackbaud RE7 Outlook Add-in is not already listed under available add-ins, click the Go button next to Manage COM Add-Ins.
  4. Select the Blackbaud RE7 Outlook Add-in
  5. If the file path is not there, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\Raisers Edge 7\DLL and select the RE7Outlook.dll
  6. In Outlook, go to the Add-ins tab, make sure that the Raiser's Edge Add-in is not set to work offline
  7. If necessary, set the UAC to Never Notify (we had to do this to get the Add-Ins to work online)
  8. Go to Calendar in Outlook
  9. Open a Calendar Event
  10. Go to the add-ins tab and select Create Link > Actions
  11. The error is received


 Raiser's Edge

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