In one case it was discovered that the script set to run on Production also existed on the test system and was scheduled to run at the same time.  Further, the script on the Test system was using hard coded paths to the Production system.  The Test system script ran before the Production system script (within the same minute) and processed the production files.

To fix this, update the Test script to point to the current system's files by removing any hard coded paths in the script and replace the paths prefixes with system variables.  Here is an example:

Test script line:
cd /export/home/app/ta/arc4/output/users/pbds

change it to:
cd $HOME/output/users/pbds

If changed, when the script runs, it will only look in the environment it is running on.

To determine the existing path variables, open SecureCRT, connect to the TA Queue Server, and at the prompt, type "SET".  The resulting list of system variables will include $HOME, $LOG_PATH, $PBDS_HOME, $REP_PATH, $TA_SID, $TA_SOURCE and others.  Choose the correct variable to add to the script.