Multiple tributes cannot be linked in Online Express

When processing transactions with tribute information in the Online Express plugin, some users might want to link multiple tribute records to a gift record.
Online Express allows for one tribute record to be linked to a gift.  If you would like to link more than one tribute to a gift record, you can do the following:
1. Download the transaction into Batch in the RE database
2.  Manually add any additional tributes to the gift before committing the batch

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Create an Online Express donation form to allow tributes
2.  Make a donation online and include 3 tributes (e.g. Susan Prescott, Robert Samualson and
Michael Simpson in Sample database)
3.  Go to Online Express
4.  Download Transactions - you'll see the 3 tributes listed under Tribute Linking
5.  Find Tribute - select first tribute (e.g. Susan Prescott)
6.  Reference to Ropert and Michael is not longer visible
7.  Process transaction - only linked to Susan's tribute


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