Here are two things to check to ensure your selection appears in your acknowledgement letters: 
  1. Ensure the Selection is a revenue source view. A revenue source view is required for the acknowledgement process. 
    1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
    2. Find your query from the list and click the hyperlinked name of the query 
    3. Under Type, you should see Revenue. This indicates the query is a revenue source view. 
      User-added image
    4. If your query is not a Revenue selection, you will need to recreate your query using a Revenue Source view. 
  2. Ensure a selection has been created. A selection makes the revenue you're grouping in a query, available to other processes in Altru, such as the acknowledgement process.
    1. From the screen above, click Edit Definition on the left. 
    2. On the Set Save Options Tab, ensure the box to Create a selection? is checked. You will also want to make sure the option to Create a dynamic selection is marked as well. This ensures that when new revenue is added to Altru, it pulls into the query if it meets your query criteria:  
      User-added image
    3. If the Create a selection? box is not checked, check this box and go back to the mailing. Your query should now be available to select in the mailing.