Slowness in Altru when accessing constituent records

While navigating to different constituent records in Altru you may notice loading bars that take up to 10 seconds to resolve. 
This issue has been resolved. If you're experiencing this issue try these steps and see if they help resolve the slowness:
  1.  Try following the steps in this article and make sure your workstation is meeting Altru's system requirements
  2.  If these issues continue to persist check your notifications and make sure you don't have multiple notifications set up for all users in your database:
    1. Click Administration > Notifications
    2. Look for any notifications that are set for All Users
    3. Click the arrow next to the notification and click edit
    4. Adjust the displays for text box to selected users
    5. Add a query of selected users and click save

If you're still experiencing slowness in your database after following these steps please chat with support and reference this case number

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click constituents > constituent search
  2. Click search
  3. Click on a constituent record


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