Running statements to Fund Statement Designer and choosing External Statements > Preview will allow you to see the created statements before printing. There is a save disc available and has a save as PDF option. Using this option will throw an error.

User-added image

This is a Windows error that can be resolved by registering the appropriate .dll file.
  1. Open a command prompt in Windows (Start > type 'cmd') and choose to Run as Administrator
  2. Type in the following once the window comes up
  3. "cd N:\found\fims" and press enter
  4. N:\ is the typical drive mapping for locally installed clients
  5. Then type in the following "p10_dll.cmd" and press enter
  6. You will be presented with a similar message to the following
  7. User-added image
  8. If you see that 2 files were copied the files were successfully registered
  9. Return to Fund Statement Designer and save your statements as PDFs