Importing constituents and gifts into The Raiser's Edge is a two-part import process. First, the constituents have to be added. Then the gifts can be added onto these records. A single data file properly formatted can be used for both steps where the constituent import will look at just the constituent fields and the gift import will look at just the gift fields.

1. Prepare the data file
  • Prepare the constituent data fields accordingly following these import steps, (NOTE: Make sure that an identifying field (Import ID, constituent ID, or SSN) is populated with a unique value. This is critical in order to link the constituent data and the gift data.)
  • Prepare the gift data fields following these import steps. (NOTE: The identifying field for the gift import (Import ID, constituent ID, or SSN) will be the one used from the constituent import. Using the same one will ensure the gift is added to the correct record.)

2. Import the constituents

Import can help identify possible existing constituent records by reporting them in the Import control report and moving those rows to a new file:
  • On the General tab, mark Use duplicate criteria for new records.
  • On the Summary tab, mark Create exception file of records not updated/imported. Click the ... on the far right to specify where the exceptions file should be saved.
  • On the Summary tab, mark Create control report and select to either Preview or Print.
  • When this larger import is completed, review the control report against the exception file information.

3. Import the gifts

NOTE: Blackbaud Support can troubleshoot a specific problem with an import, but cannot setup the file and perform the import.  This type of import is more complex and will require a working knowledge of import.