Donors can indicate that their gift will be matched when they donate online, but you'll want to make sure to add the Matching Gift data element to your donation form. Here are some steps to do so:
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > select Donation Management
  2. Select the Donation Forms tab
  3. Find and Edit your Donation Form
  4. Go to step 3. Design Donor Screens
  5. Click Edit next to Donation Form
  6. From the list of selections on the left-hand side, find and click "Matching Gift Employer Search"
  7. Click "Add >"
  8. Click Save Order and Edit Selected
By doing this, it will add some fields to the donation form where the donor can indicate that their donation is going to be matched. They can add the company name and other information, etc. The company could also record their matching gift in this way by donating directly from their personal page, although matching gifts are typically mailed by check, so it would need to be recorded offline by an administrator.

While recording the offline gift, you can select "Matching Gift" as the Gift Category and type the company name as the "Recognition Name" which will appear on the participant's personal page. You may need to create a constituent record for the company in order to select them as the donor.

To report on this information at a later time, you can run a TeamRaiser Gift Details report in Report Writer:

Include "Gift Category" as a column in your report to see which donations are a Matching Gifts and include the columns under the "Matching Gift" section to see the company details.