Why are we not receiving Reminder and Follow up emails?

Our users aren't receiving reminder emails for events or follow up emails after an event. Why aren't they receiving them?
Description: We have been experiencing issues with some of the automated event reminder and follow up emails being sent to your volunteers. Until this issue can be resolved in an upcoming release, we recommend that your event managers use the contact roster feature to send reminder emails prior to the event. They can use the same feature after the event to send a follow up email asking your volunteers to log their hours or simply thank them for coming.
Steps to use this option:  
  1. From the Manage Tab, Click Manage Events
  2. Use the search criteria to find your event, you can even use the radio button on the right to limit it to “My Events”
  3. Click on the Roster icon for the event, this will load your event roster for that event.
  4. Click Contact Roster on the right, you can then type an email  in the dialogue box.  
  5. Click Send email and your message is sent to the whole roster



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