Field 'GFType' does not exist in the current row

When trying to use the Import from PGM function when adding a planned gift, a user may encounter the error: Field 'GFType' does not exist in the current row.
1.   Make sure the file is a csv.
2.   GFPayoutPct should be a flat value and not include a percentage symbol.
3.   GFType should be Planned Gift.

Steps to Duplicate

1.   Navigate to a constituent record who is also a prospect.
2.   Click the Prospect tab.
3.   Click the Planned Gifts tab.
4.   Click Add.
5.   In the Add a planned gift window, click Import from PGM in the top right corner.
6.   Select your file to import.
7.   Receive error.


 Blackbaud CRM

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