Incoming Single Sign On Functionality Not Working After Upgrade to 7.1

Creating a SSO URL according to this guide no longer works:

SSO functionality is currently not working  from NetClassroom, FAWeb, Finalsite, or onBoard to BBNC.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log in with supervisor creds to site.
2. Navigate to Administration, Sites & settings
3. Select default site in left-nav.
4. Scroll down to Single sign-on authentication
5. Mark checkbox for 'Enable single sign-on authentication
6. Add new: use any description, use any shared key, default values for querystrings, do not mark checkbox for Inclide IP., click Add New.

-Create a non-public page-
7. Create a new page in BBNC with any content.
8. Set Targeting and security on this new page to anything other than Everyone/View.

-Calculate an SSO link per this document Also can use the link calculator on attachments tab of WI (sso_tester.html).
9. Calculate link per documentation.  (Use 'supervisor'  use PID for page created in step 7 use sharedkey and querystring params configured in step 6)
10. Go to this link in a new browser.  Observe that you are not logged in, sent to a site's Login page instead.


On a 7.0 site (working):

10. Go to this link in a new browser.  Observe that you are logged in as 'supervisor'.

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