Some phones added in Raiser's Edge NXT web view format incorrectly

When I add phone numbers in the Raiser's Edge NXT web view, some countries that use area code and phone format using the area code as the country code. These countries may include:
  • Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

If a phone number is not adding correctly in the Raiser's Edge NXT web view, then add the phone to the constituent from the Raiser's Edge database view.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge NXT web view.
  2. Open a constituent record .
  3. Click on Update contact information > Phone numbers.
  4. Select any phone type.
  5. Select Cayman Islands in the country list.
  6. Enter the phone 3451234567 and click Done.
  7. Either phone will save as +1 345 (345) 123-4567 or the error, The phone number appears to be invalid for the selected country.


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