Modal in the VBA sense means a window/form that opens and stays open preventing any other actions from being performed.  This is behavior is seen with windows throughout The Raiser's Edge, and is true for the cRatingForm object.

Public Sub TestProspectRatingForm()
    On Error GoTo eh '' error handler
    '' Load the constituent record
    Dim oConst As CRecord
    Set oConst = New CRecord
    oConst.Init RE7.SessionContext
    oConst.Load 280 '' Sample Data Hernandez
    '' Set prospect info
    Dim oPros As CProspect
    Set oPros = oConst.Prospect
    '' Set rating info
    Dim oRating As CRating
    If oPros.Ratings.Count > 0 Then
        Set oRating = oPros.Ratings.Item(1) '' Use the first rating but adjust as-needed
        Debug.Print "Must have at least one rating on record"
        Goto eh
    End If
    '' Init the form and set it's rating info
    Dim oForm As CRatingForm
    Set oForm = New CRatingForm
    oForm.Init RE7.SessionContext
    Set oForm.Rating = oRating

    oForm.ShowForm True ''Open form as Modal
eh: '' Label hit regardless if error present

    If Not Err.Number = 0 Then
        Debug.Print Err.Number & "_-_" & Err.Description
    End If
    Set oForm = Nothing
    Set oConst = Nothing
    Set oPros = Nothing
    Set oRating = Nothing
End Sub
Note: The title of the form in the above example cannot be modified and is missing the name of the constituent.  A custom form can be used to work around this but, at this time, the API provides no way of overriding the way this form displays its title.

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